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America Line Co. has won the Nike MSI (Nike sustainable materials index) award in 2013, the award in the field of environmental certification with a high standard. The company’s production process through a rigorous testing of third-party data, Nike called “the world’s most green sewing thread suppliers.” November 2015, Nike led the team led by Far Eastern, GE, Ramatex, Shenzhou and other company representatives, arrived in the United States Line Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of China Ningbo – Huamei Thread Company Limited, examine its sewage treatment system. It is reported that, as Asia’s largest-line Chinese sewing factories and create national standards unit, US-industry invested heavily in China to build the industry’s most advanced sewage treatment systems and water reuse systems, purified water can be raised flowers fish, huge investment just to make sure that each of sewing thread, are derived from the green.
Also from the 2020 just four years time, to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in the textile and clothing industry, which will require that the whole industry chain to increase environmental protection efforts. Nike company representative said: to visit the US-industry investigation, is a manifestation of its “industrial chain from source of surface materials start, build a green supply chain,” the determination, Nike as the world’s leading sports brand, wants its surface materials Suppliers can shoulder more social responsibility.

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red air force 1

For young people, monotonous style of modern design does not meet the new generation of the popular pursuit, their pursuit of novelty, the pursuit of wonder, they have a new concept of consumption, the new cultural standpoint, trying to express themselves, pursue unconventional. The design features pop style changeable, it emphasizes new and unique, using strong color processing, precisely tailored to youth. Papa Bear entire series is designed simple but not simple, Paul Homme is to prove that, in his aesthetic world,all red nike air force 1, how to use the most basic material and color mix and match stitching and tailoring, try to render comfort fabric itself and superb craftsmanship convey surreal pop optimistic spirit of innovation, to create an independent, low-key luxury exclusively unique in Paul Homme.

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grey air force 1

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A successful brand is not only high-quality products, but also the need for an efficient and high quality training team! San Enxi Shoes operational management headquarters have a strong team of 15 years of professional Operations Supervisor, the original profit model training, pour force imparting shop operators combat the “six pulse Sword”, and has reached the target of 100% systematic training and “Elite manager” training camp, in 2015 more and professor with Peking University Taskforce developed “Five marketing model” continues to detonate sales potential, copy the successful experience of 680 stores, so that the layman can easily when the boss!
The industry generally believes, before Christmas, followed by New Year’s Day and historical sales season, in December will be all over the country women’s fashion brand monopoly marketing promotion battle this year will be a warm-up, promotion war intensified, it is expected to be in the “New Year’s Day “ushered in this year’s first wave of selling climax. A suitable brand + a suitable opportunity = success and wealth, now, women’s season struck, success and wealth is at hand, choose the brand has become urgent matters! Successful brands also need excellent partners, Divine Grace Hee brand shoes are also developing constantly invite people with lofty ideals to join the brand journey, with the harvest of wealth and success!

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With economic development, people’s awakening and to enhance the ability of stylish fashion-conscious consumer, for shoes and other fashion accessories, consumer demand continues to expand. Women shoes requirements continue to increase, so that in the next ten years, Chinese women’s market will continue to show rapid upward trend. Since 1996, Chinese women’s market has been for decades with the rapid growth rate of 12%, women behind the tremendous business opportunities. But also a lot of investors look ahead to seize the women’s annual gold season, they have joined the fashion business.

nike air force 1 black

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Sen, chairman of Mr. Lin Rongzhou times told reporters with ten fingers are numbered, which can be considered a special case in Jinjiang, Shishi brand studded area. Casual shoes started up more than a dozen have become a subsidiary of the Corporation, Linsen little sound. “Good quality, the product will speak for themselves, customers wear comfortable, good word of mouth is the best advertising product” Funky founder Linrong Zhou says.
“Wood Linsen” Corporate original conception is: a wooden towering, two-wood forest, three wood into the forest. Emphasize only one reason: their careers step by step, but also the sense of life, the only way to the company stronger, bigger. Today, this group started with footwear industry is still the main footwear products, product lines from Linsen from casual shoes, shoes, outdoor shoes until cut. Each product series self-contained, closed-loop form a healthy ecosystem. “Herbal therapy shoes”, “massage soft sandals,” “air cushion functional shoes” …… “health” as the corporate values ​​of Sen, the development of products are often functional health shoes. For shoe enterprises, R & D is the “core competencies” an important part of the company from the founding day Linsen beginning attached great importance to product design and development. Group headquarters set up in advanced research and development organization – Fujian Fusheng Shoes Co., Ltd. Technical Center, the introduction of advanced technology and automatic 3D shoe leather cutters, shoe introduced digital applications overall solution to control all aspects of digital design. In terms of technical personnel, research tools and scientific and technological content of products, especially in leather technology, both in the domestic industry leader.
July 2014, Fujian Province Economic and Information Technology Commission released a provincial-level enterprise technical centers evaluation results of the report, nike air force 1,scoring 85 points or more in enterprise technology center for outstanding evaluation. Report, there are 320 companies throughout Fujian Province were selected, was named outstanding enterprises only 43, but scored 86.5 points Linsen exactly one of them. Own technology development and innovation capability of enterprises, promote the close integration of research and production, accelerating the industrialization of high technology, which is mulinsen cheats at the product end. Based on this, Sen’s footwear product line investment in research and development costs are also amazing, just Linsen shoes field research team reached more than 100 people, R & D institutions located in Guangdong, Chengdu and Dongguan, Beijing and other places. “Wear good shoes consumers have the final say, product development must also talk to consumers to communicate and understand consumer demand for functional shoes. Each region has different needs, we will let designers go collect these data, made for different regions people wear good shoes standard is: a good to wear, two health “Linrong Zhou says.
“Health shoes is our ultimate pursuit, then, Linsen Footwear each category will have launched their own products casual footwear will launch Smart GPS positioning filial shoes, driver shoes, preventing hypertension functional shoes; pregnant women shoes will be available in each category in a timely manner; outdoor shoes are more innovative features is the use of fabrics such as drainage deodorant sterilization, and other functions to assist outdoor sports shoes, “Sen told reporters Director of Planning Department.

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white air force 1

Nike powder, today Meng handsome pig to share true and false identification methods famous classic series NIKE AIR Air Force One shoes, the shoe can be called an absolute classic of Nike shoes, expensive, fake goods is endless more a large number of high imitation version of the Nike Air Force One shoes with highly realistic materials and workmanship, enough real ones, there is the name of genuine price shop on Taobao, but it is sold in such high imitation shoes, the deep trap. Well, to draw attention to the identification, the following is true and false about Air Force One shoes NIKE AIR differential comparison diagram: The story of poor quality PU leather, stitched at the rough work, the car line simple and easy off-line, thick tongue hard not affect wearing comfort, lOGO not clear.
True version: leather first layer of skin using workmanship sheath and the inner cloth stitched fine details of the deal in place, the same tongue and counters are made of leather stitching two fields. Normal practice is not a leather car two lines. Such bare feet to not be tongue against the uncomfortable (because the last half of the mosaic is slightly upturned) This is real quality product production process. On the tongue and heel NIKE logo embroidered full thick, fine workmanship, very on the grade.
Sole surrounding car line car line using regular chemical plant personnel, trained tailors stitching details do more in place. Inside the whole palm cushioning cushion, to provide you with high comfort damping effect to reduce weight force feet, walking or running feet are very comfortable, and the role of lasting and effective. Also these three left not long silk thread. AF1 shoes soles are left three long-term. Commonly known as the three-wire security, you can go to the store to see it to understand.